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Ti has the most diverse Label Films portfolio, suited to a variety of decoration and label applications including:

In-Mould Labeling Films: Includes various finishes from no label look to a high gloss allowing graphic shine, or a range of textures like satin finish or even orange peel appearance.

Self Adhesive Labels Films: Transparent, high yield white voided, solid white and metalized grades used in the production of label stock for both face stock and liner.

Wrap Around Reel Fed Films: Available in high yield white voided, transparent, matte and metalized, these grades are suitable for all common gluing systems and are applicable at high labeling speeds.

Wrap Around Cut & Stack Films: White voided and transparent films are available for roll-to-sheet offset printing and high speed label dispensing from a stack.

Shrink Labels: Voided white and transparent MD shrink films customized for use on existing roll-fed label equipment.

For more info, go to www.ti-films.com


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