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EXTENDO: High Barrier Films



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The EXTENDOR high barrier film range brings together the advantages of BoPP films with the barrier performance typical of other high barrier polymers, providing innovative solutions for packaging weight reduction and improved recyclability.

Despite their low thickness, these high-tech films assure highly efficient gas, moisture, aroma and mineral oil barrier for food, medical and consumer applications. Moreover, they are an effective way to replace aluminium foil and reduce packaging waste, whilst making recycling easier, thanks to the possibility to design mono-material barrier laminates.

Key characteristics of EXTENDOR high barrier films:

-High and ultra high gas barriers
-Enhanced moisture barrier properties
-Excellent aroma barrier
-Outstanding mineral oil barrier*
-Easy to print, easy to laminate with existing converting technology
-Highly transparent, matt, white or metallised
-Low carbon fooprint
-Heat Sealable

For more information, go to www.ti-films.com


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