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Automatic Lace cutter


Model: LC6040



Category: Apparel Machinery

Booth No.: 1A-141


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With a specialized software to locate the priority points for each panel for accurate cutting. With the help of a camera,
software takes care of length or width variations in lace when cutting. There are no shade-variation issues as both pairs of a
lingerie piece are cut from the same layer, side by side and pair matching is done effortlessly.

Range of cutting width: Lace width from 20mm to 350mm can be processed in our standard machine.

Camera positioning: As the camera is fitted to the cutting head, the positioning of cut panel is accurate every time.
Perfect Pair Matching
Compact design, safe and silent in operation.

The Alpha Lace Cutting System:fully automated, no wastage of expensive laces, single operator meaning less manpower,
efficient, fast and higher output ( 800-1,200 lingerie pcs per 8 hour shift).

Moreover, the same machine can be used for other applications such as cutting printed fabric, embroidery and other
embellishment work.


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