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GIOTTO - Right First Time = LAB TO BULK solution


Model: 323T


Exhibitor: MESDAN S.P.A.

Category: Textile Machinery Accessories

Booth No.: 303


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Giotto is a unique and fully automatic laboratory sample dyeing instrument. By allowing settings of dyeing process
exactly as into the
real production one can achieve the highest RIGHT FIRST TIME solution = FROM LAB TO BULK.
Giotto is ideal for small fabric samples which rotate just like with the actual bulk production machines. The dyeing
solution and
auxiliaries are being added automatically upon the desired production cycle and also washing/rinsing is all
performed fully
Both atmospheric and high temperature options are available.

Another instrument LODO which has same/similar characteristics is designed for the Yarn/Cone dyeing Lab
Sampling as here the
sample is in fixed position with dyeing bath moving in out - out in by the pumping system as it is in the actual cone
dyeing production


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