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Laboratory COD Measuring Systems


Model: pHotoFlex® STD and CR2200



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Portable colorimeter pHotoFlexR STD

The portable pHotoFlexR STD with energy-efficient LED optics is equipped with 6 wavelengths and a foldable adapter for various applications
with 16 mm and 28 mm cuvettes, for even the smallest concentrations. With more than 180 programs for standard parameters and coloration
as well as a multitude of test kits - from lot-certified cuvettes to economic powder reagents, it is suitable for monitoring by health offices via
environmental monitoring all the way to service labs. A list of favorites for the most commonly used tests, sample ID numbers and more than
3,000 measurements per battery set facilitate field measurements.
An elegant folding mechanism allows the easy switch between the two cuvette sizes without the need to exchange the cuvette holder

Thermoreactors for the disintegration of COD, total nitrogen and total phosphorus, including brief and self-programmed high temperature
disintegration up to 170°C


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