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Professional computer software for pattern design of flat knitting machines, which includes main functional modules for the design of shaping,
jacquard and intarsia, the setting of machinery parameters and the compiling, with friendly operation interface and good compatibility.

‧ Powerful drawing tool to offer user-friendly operation experience.
‧ Single-layer drawing mode; pattern stitch, intarsia, jacquard and local jacquard can be drawn in the
same layer.
‧ Support 32 carriers, including intarsia carrier.
‧ New carrier setup mode, intuitive and simple.
‧ Powerful compilation processing functions, including press yarn, gather, intarsia join, automatic yarn in
and yarn out, automatic kick back carrier and automatic knitting time estimation.
‧ Optimal knitting efficiency, including intelligent combination of knitting and transfer, intarsia optimization,
automatic locking system knitting and intarsia splitting.
‧ Support QILI, FUYI and BORUI knitting craft softwares.
‧ Support dynamic density setting in one line by independent density layer.
‧ Complete one-key ladder backing by simple local jacquard painting with single-layer.
‧ Powerful package design management module.
‧ Compatible with commonly used knitting files, destination files can be directly used after conversion and
support converting to pattern files for modification.
‧ Support multiple languages including English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Bengali, Italian, etc.


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