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Generator Engine


Model: Niigata HFO,GAS,Diesel fueled Generator



Category: Textile Machinery

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Niigata has been originally developing many types of-diesel, gas and HFO engines since Japan's first engine developed in 1919.The series of generators have been developed with state of earth based on long seller medium speed diesel, gas, HFO engines.
Utilizing the huge feedback of all types of Engines significant improvements on fuel consumption ratio, total efficiency and emission control are achieved responding world requirements of environmental protection. Niigata engines are reliable and well reputed as they are working in a tough condition such as isolated island power station, frequent load fluctuated factories in manufacturing companies and etc. all over the world. Our present customer is running their generator for about 30 years and in most of the cases they are using these for continuous use. With such record the demand of Niigata engine generator is increasing in all over the world; specially in South Asian countries.


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