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Busber Trunking System (BBT)


Model: MULTI-B (Translite), GRAZIADIO, NAXSO



Category: Accessories

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MULTI-B (Translite) (Made in Malaysia)
Multi-B Sdn Bhd manufactures Translite low voltage power distribution system, designed
for high rise buildings and other High Security Facilities. Translite MF Busduct is available
in standard 3-meter length with ratings of 600 Amp to 6000 Amp. It comes with aluminium,
or copper conductors.

GRAZIADIO (Made in Italy)
More that 50 years of production with success of BBT systems from 25 to 6300 A for
carring and distributing electrical current.
Specialty: Product Innovation, Flexibility, User Friendly, Constant Development

NAXSO (Made In Italy)
Naxso S.r.l. experience comes from many years as first class installation company in
Europe and Far East. Naxso S.r.l. style is modern design and easy installation products so
everything is designed to be good looking modern and with the minimum number of
operations to be placed and installed. Main technical features are the use of Aluminium as
housing & the use of special aluminium alloy as conductor.


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