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Inverter for Textile Machinery


Model: RM6-0207



Category: Textile Machinery Accessories

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1. 16 sets preset speed control is designed specifically in
the textile system.
2. Special 4 multi-speed control modes make RM6-0207
drive specifically adapted to the needs of the textile
(Linear Mode, Gradually Mode, Linear + UP / DOWN
Mode, Gradually + UP / DOWN Mode)
3. 3 sets of speed increase/decrease (%) and time setting
for UP/DOWN function.(Provide the multi-speed to adjust
operation speed)
4. Keep a record of RM6-0207 operation status before
power off.
(Memory the status before power off, and resume the
same speed after power recovery. )
5. Drive will self-activate the cooling fans when drive starts
the operation.
(Extend the lifetime of fan and saving energy.)
6. Allow RS-485 communication interface control (Modbus
RTU communication protocol).
7. The 6 digit 7-segment display can exhibit 11 different
statuses (frequency, speed, voltage, current, etc.)
8. Allow external connection to connect 3 independent
displays. Portable external display units (DM-501) can be
connected to display drive statuses.
9. Running hours and supply power time of drive can be

The switching frequency can be adjusted between 800Hz
~ 16kHz.


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