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Taiwan Ron Yan Tai Co., Ltd(B.C.M) is a professional manufacturer of circular knitting machines in Taiwan. We have more than forty years of experience in manufacturing circular knitting machines. In Taiwan's circular knitting machines manufacturing industry, our machine's quality is the best and sales volume always come out on top.
Our products can adapt to the world trend because we use the most advanced echnology. In addition, it can weave a variety of styles by computer control such as single-sided, double-sided, rib, jacquard, and so on. Therefore, it can simply create an equal quality of all kinds of sportswear and T-shirts.
Finally, we have a vast market in China, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe and so on. We have the trust of many customers are base on our advanced technology, reliable quality assurance and the most satisfactory after-sales service.


Main Products


[ 90KJ-4] Single-faced and Four-track Big-bobbin circular knitting machine
[ 90FL] High speed & Single-faced circular knitting machine
[ 48-SA] Reverse Towel circular knitting machine
[ 90KJ-OW] Open Width Take-down circular knitting machine
[ 84PK(2-4)] High-speed and Double-faced Multi-function circular knitting machine
[ 84PKS(2-4)] High-speed & high production double knitting universal circular knitting machine
[ 60RG] High-speed Rib circular knitting machine