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Guangzhou YongJin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of jacquard loom machinery with over 20 year experience on machine development, manufacture. The products have been selling well throughout the country, and exported to the Middle Asia, Middle East, European countries and American countries, also to the other countries and regions. The products have got CE certification and other patent certification.
YongJin is located in Guangzhou, the economical center of Guangdong Province, with a professional team. Sound management system, senior technical team, advanced production equipment, strong production capacity, let us be one of the appointed manufacture for the worlds top 500 enterprises.
We are holding the spirit of professional dedication, perfection pursuing, and sets up a full range of professional inspection equipment. It strictly implements control and management to ensure products high quality from spare parts production, parts assembly, and whole machine commissioning.
We offer our customers the highest quality products and services, and also products and services, and also provide the best products and services for the loom machines industry. We work hard for Chinese textile machinery industry progressing into the world of high level textile machinery industry. We would like to sincerely cooperate friends all fields and work together for a better future!


Main Products


Computerized Jacquard Loom
1.Jacquard elastic machine is used to produce designs, signs, characters for narrow fabrics and decorations, either elastic or non-elastics with jacquard weaving. Such as the underwear elastic, ribbon in garment industry, laces ribbon in gifts industry.
2.Operating under high speed, the maximum speed is up to 1200rpm, high efficiency.
3.Special jacquard CAD pattern design system, is compatible with UPT & JC5 format with wide adaptability.
4.Step-less frequency conversion motor, easy to operate and save labor, energy and environment protection. Part with mechanical precision manufacturing, long lasting durability.
Flat-Speed Shuttle Less Loom
1.Using to produce high quality, varied elastic and non elastic belts, such as underwear elastic, ribbon, shoes belt in garment industry, laces, ribbon in gifts industry. The machine is with high adaptability and used wide in wide range.
2.Operating speed is very high, the speed is up to 800-1700rpm, high efficiency, high yield.
3.Stepless frequency conversion motor, easy to operation and saving labor and protect the yarn.
The main brake system is stable and reliable, can protect yarn.
Oblique-speed Shuttle Less Loom
1.It is a new generation of ribbon special equipment, such as ribbon, packing bag, medical bandage etc..
2.Operating speed is high, and the speed can up to 800-1500rpm, high efficiency, high yield.
3.Can be installed frequency conversion motor, easy to control the speed


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