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Textile Focus is one of the developments of marketing and promotion service provider company Marketo Services. Textile Focus is a bi-monthly business publication for focusing local and international textile & apparel industry. Textile Focus covers every aspect of the textile & apparel industry, RMG sector, trade & business, technical textile, denim industry, knitting industry, local & international news, retail world, smart textile, innovation in textile industry, technological advancement, dyeing & finishing industry, sustainability, compliance, corporate world, fashion designing, seminar & exhibitions related aspects.
HARD COPY MAGAZINE: Hard copy magazine textile focus which is widely circulated locally and internationally.
ONLINE: www.textilefocus.com is very visitor friendly web portal with regular updates.
REGULAR EVENT: Textile Focus organizes regular events i.e seminar, workshop, conference etc.
TEXTILE & APPAREL DICTIONARY: Tex Source is our upcoming textile & apparel directory for smooth sourcing.
PRODUCT CAMPAIGNING PACKAGE: We have limited scopes for products campaigning by designing product catalogs, profile design, distribution of product promotional leaflets, digital banner design, event design and coordination etc.


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