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Xian Bintian Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, and production of shedding cams, cam shedding mechanism and other loom accessories.

The Company has been supplying shedding cams and cam shedding mechanism for various imported and home-made air jet looms (weaving machines). Up to now, it has sold over 500,000 pieces of shedding cams, installed over 10 thousand cam shedding mechanism for home-made air jet looms. Over twenty years' development makes Bintian Cams a good market recognition and market reputation.

The Company's products has won various awards such as "The First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress" and "National Innovation Fund Award".


Main Products


Shedding Cam Boxes for Air Jet Loom.
Links for Air Jet loom.
Cam follower lever for Air Jet Loom.
Cam for Air Jet loom .
Cam for Rapier loom .
Gear for Air Jet loom.


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