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We, Wuxi Honghao International Co. Ltd., are a well known manufacturer, professional exporter of the Dyeing Finishing Machine, not only we can supply completely production line of the yarn and fabric dyeing production line and fabric finishing processing line, but also including help to supply the master with full of experiences, processing formula and good service after sale based on the experience of exporting equipment in this industry for more than 20 years.


Main Products


1.Dyeing Machine .Such As The Yarn Dyeing And Fabric Dyeing Machine;
2.Auxiliary Equipment Of The Dyeing Machine. Such As The Hydro Extractor, Bobbin Dryer, Boiler, Soft And Hard Cone Winder, Normal& High Speed Reel Winder Etc.
3.Spare Parts For Dyeing Machine. Such As The Bobbin Hanger, Grooved Drum Electric Motor, The SS Bobbin, Lock Head, Mechanical Seal, Pneumatic Actuator, Sliver Can, Splicer, And Guide Roller Etc.
4.Finishing Machine .Such As The Lamination Machine, Hot Wind Blower Machine, Burn-Out Machine for Fabric, Flower Twisting Machine, Thermal Bristle Machine, Flat And Roll Embossing Machine, Plastic Dripping Machine Bronzing Machine , Creasing Machine, Raising Machine, Polishing Machine, Shearing Machine, Brushing Machine and Sueding Machine Etc.
5. Woolen Scouring Combined Machine. Such As Wool Top Mercerizing Machine, Woolen Top Back Washing Machine, High Efficiency Decating Machine, Wet Brushing Setting Machine And Washing And Fulling Combined Machine for Woolen Etc.
6.Auxiliary Equipment Of Paper Making Machine. Such As The Screw Converter ,Etc.
7.Equipment for Cotton Processing And Dryer for Food, Medicine And chemical. Such As Loose Fibre Dry/Wet Opener, Carding Machine, Loose Fibre Cage Loading Machine, Hydraulic Cotton Cake Compressor, Top Cotton Cake Machine, Belt Vacuum Powder Dryer, Belt Vacuum Liquid Dryer, Granulation Spray Dryer And Centrifugal Spray Dryer Etc.
8.Alkaline Battery And protect film Etc.