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Booth No.: 1110

Website: http://www.sh-mc.co.kr


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Samhwa Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing non-woven textile production line
especially such as Needle Punching M/C, Hi-Velour Needle Punching M/C, Cross Lappers,
Auto cutter, Edge Picking machines etc.
In addition, Samhwa Machinery armed with ceaseless technical innovation and service spirit
is now expanding its area to the world.

As a leader in the manufacture of machines for production of non-woven fabrics which are
better recognized in foreign countries than in Korea,
Moreover, Samhwa has been awarded certificate of success several times by
Korea government, which is given to successful exporters.
And also we have our own patent and EU Marker(TUV) by developing and improving
technology, R&D consistently.

We will be a real partner that can give 100% satisfaction to customers by pursuing
continued technical innovation and service spirit.


Main Products


Non Woven production complete line such as Opening & Mixing, Carding, Cross lapper, web drafter, needle punching machine, cutting & winder etc.


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