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Total water Solution Provide Implementation Work & Supply of Equipment:

1.Latest Biological ETP (PVA Gel-Japan)
2.Latest Bio-Chemical ETP
3.Zero Liquid Discharge Plant (Toray-Japan)
4.Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
5.Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)
6.Energy Efficiency Turbo Blower (Korea)
7.Sludge Dewatering Machine Screw Press (China & Japan)
8.Ultra Filtration (UF) Membrane (Toray Japan)
9.Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane (Toray Japan)
10.Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter (China & Japan)
11.Open Channel Flow Meter (China & Japan)
12.Online Analyzer For COD,BOD,TSS & pH

Total water Solution Provide Department of Environment (DOE) Consultancy Work:

1.Site Clearance Certificate From DOE
2.Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report Work
3.Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report Work & Approval From DOE.
4.Final Environment Clearance Certificate From DOE
5.Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Report Work.
6.Zero Discharge Plan Report Work with Approval from DOE.


Main Products


1. PVA-Gel -Bio carrier Media (for Waste Water Treatment Plant) 2, Screw Press Sludge De-Dehydrator. and screen solution.
3. Turbo Technology Blower
4. Toray -Japan -RO membrane