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Pulsar Measurement Ltd, Smart Measurement Ltd, Energy Measurement Ltd,
(NIKKISO)Shun Eiko Co.,Ltd, Trundean Machineary Co Ltd, Screw Press,Techange.

Company Service
“Techno Bangla Engineering” is an Indenting, Import, Supply and Trading house based
on Utility Equipment and some High tech Machinery of Total water Solution For Effluent
Treatment Plant(ETP) & Weast Water Treatment Plant(WTP) by Installation,
Supervision, Maintaining, Consultency & Provide Training.
The company’s Expertise are Experienced More Than 10 years successfully for Textiles
Industries & Machineries, Spare parts and Industrial Water Treatment Plant.


Main Products


Flow Meter, Roots Air Blower, Air Diffuser, Chemical Dosing Pump, Self Priming Open
Impeller Pump, Filter Press For Sludge Dry, Dewatering Screw Press For Sludge Dry,
PH Controller & DO Controller, Mixing Agitator & Cooling Tower.