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Booth No.: 152

Website: http://www.yoshitake.co.jp/


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Yoshitake manufactures industrial valves that control fluid running through the piping. Many of our valves use the force of the spring to actuate itself mechanically, and thus called the "self-actuated regulating valve." Due to this design, the valve requires no external energy, such as electricity, to operate itself, which means They are energy-saving, eco-friendly products. Yoshitake's valves, while they themselves may not be visible, play an indispensable part in our every life; they are used in machines and plants, buildings, public facilities, and more. Yoshitake does not stop at manufacturing and sales of valves; based on why and where the valves are used, we propose the best solutions to our customers' needs. Through the valve production, Yoshitake continues to help our customers pursue energy conservation, clean environment, safety, and high productivity.


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Pressure Reducing Valves, Bellows Seal Valves, Steam Traps, Pumping Trap (Condensate Recovery Pumps), Safety valves, Drain Separators, Strainers and other valves and piping accessories, mainly related to steam application


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