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Website: http://www.easbd.net


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Supply Spare Parts for Textile Industries.


Main Products


Spare parts for Textile Industries.
1. Rubber Belt/Blanket for Sanforizing m/c. rollin (France).
2. Felts/blanket for Compacting & Calendaring m/c. Huyck.Wangner (Austria).
3. Conveyor Belts & Teflon Sheets TECHBELT (U.K).
4. Raising fillet/card clothing for Raising m/c. ARIMO (Italy)
5. Roller Covering/Adhesive Tape TEXTAPE (Italy)
6. All kinds of Mechanical Spare Parts for Stenter m/c. XTY (China)
7. All kinds of spare parts for Looms. (Picanol, Somet, Sourer, Toyota, Tsudakoma etc).
8. All Spare Parts (Electrical & Mechanical) for Boiler & Finishing m/c. like Compactors, Stenter, Washing, Bleaching, Singing, Mercerizing & Printing etc.