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Website: http://mbtradebd.com/


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Importer, Supplier & Distributor Textile Machinery and Spares parts


Main Products


1. Fibre & Yarn Testing Instruments: Brand: MAG,Origin: India.
( Warp Block, Wrap Reel, Yarn CSP Strength Tester, Computerized Yarn Count system, Yarn Appearance Board winder. )

2. Laboratory Dyeing & Finishing Machinery. :Brand: Dyecon International Machinery Manufactures Co. Ltd., China.
(Automatic-Add Dyes Type Mat Dyeing Machine (New Generation Technology) . IR Sample Dyeing Machine, Curing Oven, Padding Mangle,
300gm Production Type Sample Dyeing Machine.)

3. Lab & Chemical Dispensing System : Brand : ODESi-Turkey
Lab Automatic Dispenser , Chemical Dispenser, Dye Storage and Weighing System

4. Spectrophotometer- Brand: Premier ColorScan, India

5. Physical Testing Instruments : Brand: Refondtex Instrument, Hongkong

Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester, ICI Pilling & Random Pilling Tester,
Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester , Perspiration Tester
Electronic Crock meter ., Color Fastness to Washing.

6. DataPaq- UK .

EasyTrack2 Textile... the wrinkle free and other finished garment thermal cure processes profiling solution.
StenterPaq...the Stenter Oven Fabric profiling solution

7. Color Matching Cabinet : Brand: JUST Normlicht -Germany .
8. Electrolux Washer & Dryer, Textile Moisture Meter, and Spinning Spare Parts etc.


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