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Booth No.: 610, 842A

Website: http://www.canlarmekatronik.com.tr


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CANLAR MEKATRONIK is one of leading textile dyeing and finishing machinery with the aim of being one of the leading companies in the textile machinery sector through its high-quality and innovative production concept.
CANLAR MEKATRONIK offers the smart solutions for textile sector by considering energy saving and high performance in production . The dyeing machines range of CANLAR MEKATRONIK perform minimized water consumptions in that cost of dyeing process and the finishing lines of CANLAR MEKATRONIK gives optimum values for goods . CANLAR MEKATRONIK takes its own power by using long-time experience in machinery field . The Research and Development department just concentrates to provide maximum production capacity with minimum energy consumption in that end-user benefits .
Employing advanced and well improved technology and focusing on customer satisfaction, CANLAR MEKATRONIK makes production of fabric dyeing machine , yarn dyeing machine , beam dyeing machine , tensionless dryer , equailizing dryer for open-width fabric, slitting lines ,..etc for all textile field around the world.


Main Products


Production Range ;
-HT-ATM Fabric Dyeing Machineries ( TECHsmart - NEW Version Lowest Water Consumption Dyeing Machinery )
-HT Yarn Dyeing Machine
-HT Beam Dyeing Machine
-HT Long Tube Dyeing Machine
-Tensionless Dryer
-Equalizing Dryer
-Slitting Lines