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Website: http://www.abg-bd.com


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ABG Interlinks Ltd (ABGIL) is offering specialized services on Fire Fighting, HVAC, MV power system, Instrumentation & Automation, Testing & Commissioning, Post commissioning supports in compliance of National/International standards & practices in EPC model of Development Economy. Since its establishment in 2009, this esteemed company with its highly skilled professional engineers/Experts/Specialists is working to contribute the best possible quality services & products for our Nation. ABGIL has been honored with the award of ISO 9001:2008 Certification by ISC, Sydney, Australia. To keep our earth & specially our country safe, our professionals proceed in all activities giving keen attention on Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE/OHS) issues.
Scope of Supply & Services :
Fire Fighting System
* Fire Detection & Alarm Control system
* Fire Hydrant / Standpipe Hose System
* Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
* Clean agent Fire Suppression system
* Fire Suppression System (Foam)
* Water Deluge System
HVAC System
* Air-conditioning System
* Evaporative Cooling System
* Power Exhaust / Ventilation System
* Natural Turbine Ventilation System
* Ducting, Fabrication, piping and installation works of
heavy machinery
* Building Plumbing System


Main Products


1. Fire Detection & Alarm Control System (Conventional & Addressable),
2. Fire Protection-Sprinkler, Hydrant & Suppression Systems,
3. Packaged Fire Pumps (UL/Non UL),
4. Fire Rated doors (UL/Non UL),
5. Cool Ceiling Products and technoilogy
6. Evaporative Cooling System & Central Air-Con System,
7. Power Exhaust & Ventilation Systems,
8. Industrial and Home Automation System,
9. Ducting sample from automatic ducting machines.
10. Smoke Ejection system