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Booth No.: 1747

Website: http://www.psc.com.bd


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Our mission is designing professional products based on technically advanced concepts.

Paradise Scientific has been a renowned supplier of precision Analytical & Life Science Laboratory Equipments to the Pharmaceutical industries , Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Food & Beverage industries , Textile Dying industries , Chemical industries , Universities, Academic Research industries in Bangladesh.

We are dedicated to keep on delivering innovative products and the best service.

Why select us:

We are more than a cater of Laboratory instruments & Technology provider company highly accepted by our clients!
Deliver Product As per Commitment
Prior customer need Demand & Budget
Huge collection of Quality product in Stock!
Offer most innovative & cutting edge updated product!
Offer best effective price within quality and after sales service!
Offer product by consultancy service!
Demo product offer before decide to purchase!
Application & Training opportunity before purchase order!
High-tech advanced training in own Application & research lab!
Contract Research Opportunity from our Lab named as LAB+!
Foreign Training opportunity!
Outstanding after sales service and Engineering support by Experienced Trained Engineers and expertise
Dynamic Customer care and online support through Social Media like
Facebook, Twitter, Skype as well as own Web based database mailing service!


Main Products


1. PH Meter
2. DO Meter
3. TDS / EC Meter
4. Turbidity Meter
5. Flow Meter
6. BOD LAB System
7. COD LAB Module
8. Online Monitoring System of Waste water Treatment Plant
9. Jar Tester
10. TSS /MLSS Meter
11. Over head stirrer.
12. Microscope
13.Drying OVEN
17. Incubetor

Our principle:
OI Analytical, USA
SI Analytics, Germany
SonTek, USA
WTW, Germany
Waterlog, USA
Royce Technologies, USA
Mtops, Korea
Optika, Italy


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