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Booth No.: 1221

Website: http://www.dexterousengineering.com


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Company Service


Sales & Services provider of Vapour Absorption Chillers, Sales & Service provide of Low & Mediam Voltage Items (Hyundai, Korea), Energy auditing reporting & implementation, Flue gas analysis & burner tuning, Steam Accessories & steam audit for energy saving, Waste heat recovery & exhaust gas boiler (EGB), Hot water generation from engine jacket water. Water treatment & descaling chemicals for chiller, boiler & generator, Cooling tower & industrial pumps, Control panel substation & automation by PLC, Consultancy for electrical wiring & fire fighting design, ETP plant design consultancy erection & commissioning, Diesel generator.


Main Products


1. Vapor Absorption Chillers and Spare Parts(Thermax) 2. HYUNDAI Low Voltage & Medium Voltage items, Control Panel, Sub Station 3. Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB) 4. Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) 5. Condensing Economizers & Recuperator 6. Exhaust Damper, 3-Way Valves 7. Hot & Cold insulation 8. Cooling Towers & Spare Parts 9. Industrial Pumps 10. STP, ETP, WTP & Resin Supply 11. Water Treatment & De-scaling Chemical for Chiller & Boiler 12. Resin (Germany) 13. Steam Accessories(Thermax) 14. Air Compressor 15. Diesel Generators(Kirlosker).


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