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Website: http://www.bless-tech.com


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We have been selling Textile Machinery and Spare Parts from world reputed brand in our Textile sector. We have experienced marketing team and highly skilled & professional Engineers for servicing to provide the best possible services to our valued Customers.


Main Products


- Fabric Dyeing Machine from SON-TECH- China.

-Stenter Machine from STENTEX (TEXPRO GROUP)- China & German joint venture.

- Open Width Compactor Machine from Kingrise Textile Machinery- China

- Bag sewing Machine from MTG- Italy.

- Batch Tumbler Dryer, Washing & Hydro extractor from Taiwan and China.

- Flat Bed Printing Machine from NSHI- Korea.

- Embroidery Machine from FORTUNE- China.

- Computerized Flat Knitting Machine from ZHANGJIAGANG CITY HAOFENG- China.

- Compacting, Calendaring & Sanforizing Felts, Conveyor Belts, Teflon Sheet and Roll
Covering from DOLLFUS & MULLER- France.

-Yarn Dyeing Machine, Extractor, Radio Frequency Dryer, Rapid package Dryer from China.

-Soft and Hard winding Machine from ZHEJIANG WEIFENG MACHINERY CO.,
LTD.- China.

-Yarn Dyeing plastic Bobbin from GOLDEN DRAGON- Taiwan.