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LRT, a Ring Traveller Specialist

Lakshmi Ring Travellers (Coimbatore) Limited (LRT) of the Lakshmi Group is the largest producers of Ring Travellers in the world and is an undisputed leader in this specialised technology.

LRT has three manufacturing Units in India, located in Hosur, Anamalai & Coimbatore.

LRT has a modern production facility which ensures consistent quality. Raw materials are procured from the best sources in the world. LRT houses state of the art testing facilities for measuring hardness, friction, micro structure analysis and surface finish.

LRT has a wide range of Travellers to meet the spinning requirements of any count or material. This makes LRT a One stop source for all their customers.

Lakshmi Ring Travellers are manufactured as per the specific requirements of the industry. Today, high speed spinning machine require equally high speed travellers. And LRT, by virtue of their strong R & D and a highly involved commitment to the industry provides products that keep pace with the growth of the industry.

Lakshmi Ring Travellers are used in over 50 Million spindles in over 40 countries worldwide. The customer base of LRT covers more than 6500 spinning mills. LRT is a market leader in many of these countries This testifies to the product quality and reliability. Its export growth is significant and is contributing to the overall growth of the company.

LRT has a comprehensive website – www.lrtindia.com/rt which contains all necessary information related to Travellers and is interactive in nature. The website had detailed information on Ring Traveller recommendation, Problem solving, customer support and product range and company. It also has a comprehensive multimedia , interactive CD for the benefit of its customers.


Main Products


All types of Ring Travellers, Ring Traveller Application Tools, Fluff Removers, Stroboscopes, Bobbin Holders and Cleaning Roller Cleaning Machines.