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Website: http://www.ateindia.com


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A.T.E. group

With a legacy of over 75 years, A.T.E. has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments.

A.T.E. operates in the domains of
Textile Engineering
Wastewater Treatment
Energy Efficiency Solutions
Machine-to- Machine Solutions
Flow Technology
Print and Packaging Equipment
Value Enhancing Solutions

A.T.E.s businesses encompasses manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution and service,
and also has expertise in handling turnkey projects in its domains. A.T.E. has developed
several cutting-edge technology products and solutions and has several patents to its credit.

With over 500 world class products and a large motivated team, A.T.E. reaches out to its 5000+ rapidly growing customer base through its vast network spread over 14 locations worldwide.

Driven by a constant pursuit of excellence, and anchored by strong values and vision, A.T.E.
is respected for its competence in all of its business areas.


Main Products


Quanzhou Jingmei Machine - Circular knitting machines

ELGI Electric - Overhead travelling cleaners, yarn conditioning system, bobbin transportation system, metal and fire protection system

TeraSpin (A.T.E. Group) - Drafting components and spindles for ring frames and roving frames

MAG Solvics - Complete testing solutions for fiber & yarn, fabric, processing & garments, online spinning information system

ColorService - Dye house auto dispensing system

DARKS Corporation (Dunline) - Rubber belt for sanforising machines

CEIA - Metal detectors

SPX (Johnson Pump) - Centrifugal, self -priming, multistage, internal gear and rotary lobe pumps

Sulzer - Wastewater/Sewage/Storm water submersible pumps, submersible mixers, aerators, diffusers, compressors

Ebara - SS sheet metal centrifugal, vertical / horizontal multistage and drainage/de-watering pumps

Iwaki - Dosing/Metering and magnetic drive pumps

Yamada - AODD pumps, printing ink supply systems

Walchem - On-line analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps

TeraFlow (A.T.E. ) - Hydro- pneumatic system

Rathi- High performance and elastomeric couplings

A.T.E. Envirotech (A.T.E. Group) - Wastewater treatment and recycling solutions

HMX (A.T.E. Group) - Energy-efficient and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling

EcoAxis (A.T.E. Group) - Industrial IoT solutions

Valence (A.T.E. Group) - Control of static electricity in industrial, laboratory and electrostatic discharge application


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