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Benevolent Textile Services (BTS) is an international trading company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Specialist in Textile Printing. Facilitate technical and technological partnerships between customers in Bangladesh and across the world.

Company started in 1998 but officially started activities in 2001.
BTS is run by an experienced leadership team with 15 years of successful trades and services to customers. BTS provide its customers with unparalleled technical and technological support. We offer a range of Rotary Printing Machine, Screens, Engraving Chemicals, Thickeners, and specialty auxiliaries for Textile Printing. Because of our high performance products and professional service, BTS has established itself as one of the renowned trading company especially in the textile printing sector in Bangladesh. The company has been actively trading internationally representing a number of overseas companies in Bangladesh.


Main Products


We are very proud to have our following partners who have specialized in high performance products in their respective fields:

# SPGPrints B. V. (Stork) The Netherlands:
1. Rotary Screens for full range printing.
2. Rotary Screens for Coating.
3 .Random Mesh Screens.
4. Lacquers and Chemicals for Engraving.
5. State of the art Rotary Printing Machine: Stork RD 8.
6. Laser Engraving Technology (SmartLEX- Laser Exposer, BestLEN- Laser Engraver,
Coater, Climatizer, Polymerizer, Gluer machines etc).
7. Digital Textile Printing Machine (Pike & Javelin).
8. Spare Parts and Services for Existing Machines.

# Wenk Italy:
1. Rotary Screen Endring and Water Stripping Machine.

# Agrana Starke GMBH Austria:
1. Cold Water Soluble Blanket Gum/Adhesive.
2. Modified Starch for Sizing/ Denim Sizing.
3. Modified Starch for Textile Finishing.
4. Thickener for Disperse/ Polyester Printing.

# Polygal AG Switzerland:
1. Thickener for Reactive Printing (Sodium Alginate).
2. Thickener for Disperse Printing.
3. Thickener for Acid Printing.
4. Thickener for Camouflage Printing.
5. Thickener for Discharge Printing.
6. Thickener for Burnout Printing.

# Croda Chemical India:
1. Auxiliaries for Textile Dyeing, Finishing and Pretreatment.

# Sekisui America LLC USA:
1. Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) / Textile Printing Adhesive.

# Serix Industrial Co. Taiwan:
1. Solvent Base Table Glue (Permanent Blanket Gum: T & GT.)


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