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S M Engineering Ltd. was founded in the year 2000, With a corporate philosophy of customer oriented service and an uncompromising attitude to sell high quality specialized machine and technology and services.

S M Engineering; holds the patents, distribution and marketing right of many worlds renounce innovative technology driven products. And we are dedicated to the highest quality and personalised service and integrity. We measure our success based on each customer satisfaction with service quality, timelines and overall value of our work.

To empower our customer, employees, partners and communities by providing finest product, service and practices.
OUR service Division for the exemplary services provides to its patrons with a vision Our services are of such high standards that Customers will buy our products to access our unparalleled services. A number of skilled engineers and service personnel work relentlessly round the clock to provide support to the wide range of machineries- all across the country. Because we value Customer Success and Satisfaction, we provide unparalleled coast-to-coast product and service support through our 24/7 Service, our well-trained technical personnel.

Be it anywhere and anytime, we are always ready and happy to walk an extra mile for supporting our customers interests and for safeguarding their investments.


Main Products


SEDO TREEPOINT: The Sedomat+ touch screen controller, * Profi PROFIBUS -Input/Output Modules,
*SedoMaster- A strategic solution for the textile finishing industry, *EnergyMaster- Energy monitoring,* ColorMaster- color and recipe management, * Flex- Dye liquor control, * Morapex- Fast material tests for lab and production. * PrintMaster- Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Printing mills


BMSvision: QualiMaster- Fabric inspection and optimized cutting, *SpinMaster- Real Time production and quality monitoring for spinning mills, * KnitMaster- Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for knitting mills, * WeaveMaster- Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for weaving mills.

UGOLINI: Yarn Dyeing Machinery, Lab to Bulk production (20 grams to 1 Ton )

SALCE: Automatic Lab Dispensing & dyeing.

RFSYSTEM: Hybrid Radio frequency Dryer

MG Elettrotecnica : Dyestuff & Chemical dispensing for Production.

DOND A: Fabric Dyeing Machine

OMIS: Over head crane

MARIPLAST: Hi-quality Plastic tube for Yarn dyeing & Spinning mills.