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Tex Excellence Limited (TEL) is the sole agent of Pailung and Vanguard in Bangladesh. TEL has been working with Pailung for the last 18 years. It has established a training centre at Savar to provide better service for technical people in the textile sector.
In 2009, Pailung acquired the supreme Knitting Machine Company of USA, Vanguard, working in American region, There is a treaty among Vanguard, Monarch and Fukuhara. They worked in region basis; Monarch for Europe and Fukuhara for Asian zone. After 90 years, the treaty came to an end in 2012 and Vanguard became free for marketing its product anywhere in the world. During this time Monarch declared bankruptcy and Vanguard was acquired by Pailung.
TEL has now two different management to operate the two companies separately in Bangladesh.
Vanguard, 'The State of Art Knitting' of USA is the world highest productive machine manufacturer since 1916; i.e. its 30 dia single jersey machine can produce 1 ton fabric/day, just double than any other high productive European machine, Also combine quality materials, precise tolerances and innovative designs.
VPL has always focused on speed with zero vibration (speed factor 1850) and production also focused on reducing heat and save energy. It has the machines with big diameter and fabric roll size is 220kg.


Main Products


1. Four Track (2X4) Interlock Knitting Machine, Model: PL-KD3B/CE, 34"X24GX102F
2. Four Track Single Jersey Knitting Machine, Model: PL-TS3B, 34"X24GX102F
3. Fabrics