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Website: http://www.terrot.de


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Terrot Brand Circular Knitting Textile Machine
- electronically and mechanically controlled single and double jersey circular knitting machines,
specialized machines for niche markets, individual inquiries
- diverse knitting techniques
- diameters from 8-48 inch
- fine gauges: single jersey up to E 54; Interlock up to E 50; spacer fabrics up to E 36
- open width frames up to 36"
- industrial frames with a fabric roll diameter up to 1050 mm
- machines for technical applications, home textiles and mattress ticking up to 48"
- software and design service


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Exhibition machine model S296-1 features a large variety of different stitch structures. Up to 4 needle tracks enable a flexible and efficient production of knitted fabrics for several applications. Positive needle guidance in combination with enclosed needle tracks provide an even knitted structure whilst at the same time working with a simultaneously high operation speed. Another advantage is the ideal distribution of 109 feeds over a 34 inch diameter and an engine power of 4.0 kW. This enables machine operation with maximum energy efficiency and low running costs.


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