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Textile Sector: Knitting(Flat,Circular Knitting)
Printing Range : Rotary & Flat Bed Printing , Digital Printing & Accessories including Auxiliaries Equipment
Dyeing : Yarn and Fabric Dyeing, RF Dryer, Hydroextractor,Soft and Cone Winding, TFO and Spinning machine and others.
Laboratory Equipment :Complete Range of Lab testing,Dyeing & Finishing Equipment and Accessories.


Main Products


A. Dettin S.p.A, Italy : Centrifuge Hydroextractor and Automation
B. Fimat S.r.L., Italy : Complete Rotary & Flat Screen Photoengraving Equipment& Manual and Automatic Colour Kitchen.
C. J.Zimmer, Austria : Flat,Rotary,Digital Printing, Sample Printing ,Coating, Hot Air Dryer and Loop Steamer.
D. Luscher Technologies , Switzerland : Engraver Equipment for Rotary Screen Exposing unit.
E. Matsuya, Japan : Plain,Semi Jacquard, Jacquard Fully Automatic Computerised Flat knitting machine.
F. Strayfield, India : Radio Frequency Dryer machine
G. Advanced Dyeing Solution ,UK : Roaches Brand Complete Range of Lab Testing, Dyeing and Finishing Equipment.
H. Xiamen Zhenlihua Ind., China : Yuan Da Brand Circular Knitting machine.
I. Hong Kong MX Dyeing Machine Co. Ltd., Yarn and Fabric Dyeing machine.
J. Xinghua Tangshi Textile Machinery Co.Ltd., China: Drum type Soft and Hard Winding machine.
K. ZheJiang Taihe Spinning Machine Co.Ltd.,China : Precision type soft and hard winding.
L. Dongxing Textile machinery : For TFO (Two-for-one Twister for short fibers.


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