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Textile industry is one of the most important areas of modern business where Bangladesh can achieve immense success. Since the time of Arch write, textile industry has witnessed rapid changes beyond imagination. The present phase of industrial revolution has made it extremely competitive for the people involved in the business. Madona Enterprise started as international trade promoters in the year 1988 when the scenario of the industry was different from the present day in terms of both quality and quantity. Ever since the beginning, Madona Enterprise is contributing to the establishment and maintenance of textile machinery in Bangladesh. By Leveraging the proven advantages of our flexible systems, including tailored service and support, low cost and a single point of contact, services of Madona Enterprise can provide you with fast, effective, affordable service offering at any point in your textile process. By doing so, we offer combination of bundled best practices and tailored solutions that work together to provide maximum value to you. Whether you need support, deployment, establishment, or professional consulting services, individually or bundled as a total package, Madona Enterprise promises to be your one stop solution at all times.


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Blow Room and Carding, Drawing frame( Breaker & Finisher), Simplex, Ring Frame, Open end (Rotor) and other all kinds of textile machinery, Humidification Plant and WRS (Filter), Cone, Doublers and Parallel Winder, Splicer, Absorption Chiller and Boiler, Two for One Twister and Automatic Winder, Humidifier and Fluff Collector, Ring Roll shop Machinery, Automatic Bobbin Transportation System, Over head Traveling Cleaner (OHTC), Clearer Roller, Spindle Tape, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Testing Equipment, Card Clothing and Card Shop Machinery, Bailing press, Roving waste opener, Yarn pallet wrapping and yarn conditioning machine. Inverter and soft Starter, Rubber Cot & Apron, All kind of bobbin, Plastic cone, Pulley, etc Gear & Wheel, Sliver can, Flyer, Pressure, False Twister, etc. Ring Cup and Ring Traveler etc all kind textile accessories supplier.


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