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PROTIVA CORPORATION is one of the moving forward trading company having excellent business relations & well known to various types of manufacturing industries like knitting, automobiles, cement & many others in Bangladesh.

We usually offer & provide OEM parts like Needles, Sinkers for circular knitting machine & Transfer needles, Jacks, Selector for flat knitting machine which manufactured & packed in Germany by world famous conglomerate KERN-LIEBERS knitting parts GmbH, Germany.

Besides this we also offer & provide complete range of lubricating products like miscellaneous types of oil, grease, cleaner etc. for Textile industries as TEXTOL brand and for Automobile, Cement & many other heavy industries as DIVINOL brand respectively manufactured & engulfed in Germany by world famous company ZELLER+GMELIN GmbH & CO KG, Germany.

Sole Agent :

KERN-LIEBERS knitting parts GmbH, Germany


Main Products


KERN-LIEBERS brand parts and Elements for Knitting / Flat parts:
Needles, Sinkers, Transfer needle, Slector, Jacks, Spring etc. The OEM parts of leading machine builders like Mayer & Cie, Terrot, Pailung, STOLL, Shima Sheki, Lonati so on. Over 50,000 different types of product.

TEXTOL brand Needles & Sinkers oil, Detergent oil, Sewing machine oil, Ring traveller oil, Special oil for rotor spinning machines, high temperature Chain oil, Chain Spray, Cleaner etc. & DIVINOL brand Engine oil, Greases, Gear and Hydraulic oil etc.