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Booth No.: 235

Website: http://www.tekmatex.jp


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Company Service


Marubeni Tekmatex is efficiently providing best solution to the respective manufacturers, having active world wide network and various fields of business not simply limited to textile machineries supply. And depending on necessity we can coordinate technical assistance as well as products lifting. The service includes-

1.Supply of capital textile machinery for use in Spinning, Weaving, Knitting,Dyeing & Finishing process.
2.Manufacturing and Processing equipment for function fibres, Industrial materials
& Technical textiles
3.Supplying Gas & Diesel Generator Engines


Main Products


1.Roving Frame Machine from TOYOTA, Model no- FL200
2.Ring frame machine from TOYOTA, Model no- RX 300
3.Automatic Winding Machine from MURATA, Model- Process coner II QPRO PLUS
4.VORTEX Spinning System from MURATA, Model - VORTEX III 870
5.Airjet Loom from TOYOTA, Model JAT 810
6.Air Covering Machine from AIKI-RIOTECH, Model no- AT 501 RWSI
7.Air Texturizing Machine from AIKI-RIOTECH
8.OIL FREE* Turbo Compressor from IHI CORPORATION.
9.Diesel Engine from NIIGATA, Model- 28AHX
10.Gas Engine from NIIGATA, Model- 28AGS
11.Jumbo Rapid Jet Dyeing Machine from HISAKA Works LTD.. Model- Cut AR
12.Solution for Fabric Process fro SANDO, TUNG YANG and others.


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