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ASSL TEXTILE is a textile trading company, the principal area of interest being the marketing of capital machinery and spares for the spinning, weaving and knitting sectors. In the spinning sector we have been representing Saurer Accotex Texparts (Worlds leading drafting and spindle maker) since early 80s, So has German brand names like Reiners+Furst (Rings and Travellers), Staedtler+UHL (Combing accessories) and Holz, the flyer maker. Norsel, the unique tracking label system from Switzerland, is making remarkable strides with us as sales partner.Since mid 1990s, we have been supplying machinery, equipment, and spares for Weaving Preparatory sector. West point of USA, the innovator of Sizing, whose licensee is Prashant West Point is our weaving preparatory partner. We have highly skilled engineering professionals in textile, software and hardware for sales and after sales services.


Main Products


* Saurer Accotex : Cots & Aprons *Saurer Texparts: Complete Drafting System, Texparts Bottom Roller With Bearings, Texparts Complete Spindles. Texparts Spindle Lubricating Machine, Texparts Grease (TG-5 & TG-2) * Reiners + Furst GmbH U. Co KG, Germany: Spinning Rings, Ring Travellers, Fluff Collectors. *Staedtler+Uhl+KG, Germany: Top Comb For Different Combing Machine, Top Comb Plates, Pin Strips, Circular Comb For Different Combing Machine. *Holz, Germany: Complete Flyer For Different Roving Frames, Twist Cap, Presser Flyer, Washing Device. *Norsel Textilmaschinen AG, Switzerland: On Fabric Labeling System For Piece Tracking Through All Textile Process. *Wira Instrumentation Co. Ltd. Uk : Quality Control Equipments For Testing In Textiles. *Prashant Group, India: Sectional Warper, Direct Warper & Creel, Sample Warper, Sizing Machine, Motorized & Manual Beam Trollies. *H-Fang, China: HFJ Compact Spinning Attachment