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Ever since our founding in 1935, Muratec has continued to make advancements based on expertise and technology that have been accumulated through a long standing relationship with our customers, allowing us to mark and celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2015 . Muratec aims to contribute to further development of the worlds textile industry with improved-quality machinery and creation of added value, brought about by solutions in the form of new technologies.


Main Products


For Automatic Winders, we introduce PROCESS CONER II QPRO Plus, in which various functions have been included and upgraded. The model has achieved increased operational speed and greatly improved energy efficiency in the final process that largely influences the post-process (knit, woven cloth, etc.), while maintaining high yarn quality. Muratec, which has always been a pioneer in developing innovative technologies related to automatic winder process - such as the Air Splicer, the Link Coner and the Balloon Control System ahead of other companies- is now responding to our customers every need with the performance of our evolved automatic winder equipped with advanced technology.
And the VORTEX spinning machine handles three processes of roving, spinning and winding in a single machine. The latest model VORTEX III 870 reflects all of the experience we have accumulated, and the customer input for improved operability and user-friendliness to enhance reliability in high-speed spinning. At the same time, a unique yarn structure by VORTEX spinning and functionality inherent in its structure are recognized by apparel makers, and VORTEX products continue to spread around the worlds apparel market. In the sample corner where the latest VORTEX samples are collected, you can experience the expansion of VORTEX yarns into various materials and a wide range of applications.