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Booth No.: 1815

Website: http://www.texfabindia.com


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TEXFAB ENGINEERS INDIA PVT. LTD, known for manufacturing fabric processing machinery and is fully committed to deliver complete solutions to our customers. Today, we are one of the prominent players in the textile sector with upward growth chart. We offer a comprehensive range of fabric processing machinery like steaming, washing, mercerizing, bleaching and varieties dyeing machines enough to offer customers choice, along with laboratory steaming & dyeing machine in different versions.


Main Products


Curing/Polymerising machine, Universal Loop Ager with arrangement for moist & supper heated steaming machine, Flash ager two phase print, Continuous multi chamber Open width Washing machine, Continuous multi chamber Open cum Rope Washing machine, Open width fabric Mercerizing machine with Caustic Recovery Unit, Weight Reduction machine, Open width Scouring & Bleaching Jigger JT-10 machine, HTHP O tube soft to high flow universal fabric dyeing machine, HTHP U tube fabric dyeing machine, HTHP long tube high flow universal fabric dyeing machine-top tube, HTHP long tube high flow turbo fabric dyeing machine-bottom tube, 2 Bowl / 3 Bowl Padding Mangle with Cylindrical Drying Range, Open cum Rope Washing Winch-batch type, Various sample Dyeing / Steaming machine.