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Booth No.: 303

Website: http://www.mesdan.it


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Mesdan provides two Production lines.

1) Jointair Division: splicers both automatic for Savio Autoconers + ATS/rail operated for Soft and Re-winders (Yarn Dyeing application) and Assembly winders, TFO, manual rewinders. Special latest versatile moistair splicer for Savio Autoconer which can splice cotton cre spun, dual core yarn, cotton blends and modal, tencel, lyocel and blends + viscosa, poliester. Model is 6901R

2) Quality Control Laboratory Testing Instruments for fibre, yarn, fabric testing including yarn/fabric dyeing equipments and specific comfort testing. Special attention to competitive Eveness Tester, Automatic Yarn strength & elongation tester, Contest (cotton contamination tester with automatic testing of stickiness/honeydue which is new in the market). Special Lab Dyeing machines (Giotto + Lodo) for automatic Lab dyeing process = Right First Time solutions. Special IR dyeing machine with automatic dosing (unique). Physical Fabric Testing Lab machines including colour fastness testing. Comfort testing with Sweated Guarded Hot Plate (SGHP) for RET an RCT values.


Main Products


* Aqualab: moisture & regain instrument for both raw material + cones
* Martindale: Abrasion and Pilling Tester


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