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Website: http://www.spintechbd.com


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Company Service


We are one of the leading Agency house serving exclusively in Spinning industry over 12 years &
representing following four well reputed European company who produce machinery & Technological
1. Bracker AG., Switzerland
2. Novibra, Czech Republic
3. Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany
4. Groz-Beckert Carding, Germany.
We are having our local service team who are capable of providing erection ( for Suessen EliTe
compact system & Berkol Cot grinding m/c ), trouble shooting & fine tuning services. They can also
provide card wire mounting, setting & quality adjustments of carding m/c.
We also sell Bracker ring travellers from our local stock.


Main Products


1. Rings & ring travellers from Bracker
2. Spindles from Novibra
3. Top arm & EliTe compact components from Suessen
4. Various posters