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Website: http://www.bestair.co.th


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We provide services to maintain production environment related to humidity and temperature through our humidification and chilling system. Waste collection system helps to collect waste products instead of throwing out to atmosphere. Co-generation system helps to utilize waste heat. CGE system generates power from the waste heat. And solar system cuts the bill of electricity of the factories.

We design, install and commission the whole system with our responsibility. It is our prime duty to make the system as goods as possible.

We have coal gasification and bio-mass gasification system by which we can generate power. We also provide coal and biomass fired boiler for different industries. Our high capacity boiler is able to use in thermal power plant.


Main Products


Humidification System & Air Conditioning, Waste Collection, Chilling, Co-Generation System for Textile Industry, Coal Thermal Power Plant, Coal Gasification Power, Biomass Gasification Power, ORC and Solar Power System including Different Kinds of Boiler for any process.


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