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Dah Heer Industrial Co., Ltd.(TAIWAN DAHU) is a reliable Textile Knitting Machines Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in producing Crocket Machine, Raschel Machine and Cord Knitting Machine for over 35 years. Our crochet and knitting Machines are very popular among the customers all over the world with its durable quality and reasonable price, such as Net Knitting Machine, Cord Knitting Machine and Circular Knitting Machines. If you are looking for Raschel Machine, Lace Crochet Machine and Band Crochet Machine manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Lace and band crochet machine, Shoelace cord knitting machine, Double needle bed warp knitting machine, Circular knitting machine, Bandage net knitting machine, Elastic band crochet machine, Covering yarn machine, Multi bars fancy lace crochet machine, Special lace for tassel, fringe crochet machine.