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Website: http://www.labmachine.org/tw/index.html


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NEWAVE is the expert of arranging laboratory setting, Textile Material checking up and repeatability control's support. NEWAVE could respond to hold all procedure of dyeing laboratory. No Matter getting receipe, making correct color and finishing or testing. Newave could arrange the good laboratory to make good quality control. Our goods are 100% made in Taiwan, you could trust the quality. We have good agent and good service to make our customer to buy back from us. Don't be confused, just follow up NEWAVE and we could make different and best laboratory for you.


Main Products


Laboratory HTHP dyeing machine、Laboratory IR beaker dyeing machine、Laboratory Oscillating dyeing machine、Laboratory Drum dyeing machine、Laboratory leather dyeing machine、Laboratory Two Roll Plastic Mixing MillLaboratory cooling circulator bath、Laboratory Stereotypes dryer、laboratory tenter、Laboratory padding mangle、laboratory coating machine, laboratory pad-steam range、laboratory pad-thermosol range, Newave computer color matching system-CCM, Laboratory Stereotypes dryer、laboratory tenter、Laboratory hot circulation exact oven-452、Laboratory hot circulation exact oven-602、Laboratory hot circulation exact oven-902, Laboratory washing fastness tester、Laboratory Digital scale-AWH、Laboratory sublimation tester or scorch tester、Laboratory spray tester for fabrics、Laboratory rain tester、Laboratory perspiration tester、Laboratory Mullen Type bursting strength Tester、Laboratory Automatic Wrap Real、Laboratory Pilling and Snagging Tester、Laboratory Computer-controlled Hydrostatic Tester、Laboratory standard multi-source supply of light boxes、Laboratory rubbing fastness tester or crock meter、Laboratory Colour fastness rubbing tester、Laboratory Elmendorf Tearing Tester、Laboratory fabric streak analyzer、Laboratory Water Absorption Tester (Klemn Type), Laboratory Stereotypes dryer、laboratory tenter, laboratory HT-Steamer、laboratory pad-steam range、Laboratory electric steamer Boiler, Laboratory IR beaker dyeing machine, laboratory coating machine