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The next hot spot for apparel sourcing

Release Date: August 8, 2018



We need to actively pursue opportunities to further our textile manufacturing capabilities

Since its foundation, the Bangladesh ready-made garment sector has enjoyed rapid expansion, reaching an audience of international buyers and contributing to 83% of our nation’s GDP. 

The sector has set itself ambitious growth targets for the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence in 2021, aiming to achieve $50 billion by that date. 

It’s encouraging, therefore, to read a recent survey of international sourcing executives, carried out by McKinsey and Company, that identifies Bangladesh as the next “hot spot” for apparel sourcing -- which is definitely borne out by the sector’s growth since the report was written.

What is less encouraging and something that the RMG sector needs to consider, are the five challenges identified by the study, for apparel companies seeking to do business in Bangladesh.


Source From: Dhaka Tribune




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