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Exhibitor's Press Release


Interview:Shuang Ma Machinery (Bangladesh) Ltd.


Release Date: January 9, 2018 by SHUANG MA MACHINERY (BD) LIMITED




Since President Xi Jinping proposed the development strategy of the Belt and One Road, numerous Chinese enterprises have responded to the call of the country and brought advanced science and technology and abundant financial resources to explore the markets of countries along the Belt and Road. This not only promotes the self-development of enterprises, but also outputs China's advanced technology and management experience to other countries to achieve a win-win situation.

This article reports on the Belt and Road practice model: China's leading computer knitting machinery company - Shuang Ma Machinery (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Reporter|Zhang Jiayi

Interviewee|Lin Zhichao

Editor|China Textile Machinery Association

Company Profile:

Shuang Ma Machinery (Bangladesh) Ltd. is a professional production of computerized knitting machine large enterprises in China,which has three production bases,with an annual output of more than 20,000 machines, with 60 scientific research personnel, 1,200 skilled production workers.The production capacity and scientific research strength is the first in the textile machinery industry.


Three main manufacturies:

Dongguan mill

Jieyang mill

CHINA-GERMANY Metal Zone mill

Shuang Ma Machinery (Bangladesh) Ltd. has 12 years history and strong scientific research strength.Since 2005,this company has won a number of national invention patents.

Double Horse Machinery Co., Ltd. has 12 history, has a strong scientific research strength, has won a number of national invention patents.

The following is the factory photo and patent certificate:


Zhang Jiayi:What motivates you to explore the market in Bangladesh? 

What do you think of your company's biggest advantage?

Chairman Lin ZhichaoThe reason for choosing to enter the Bangladesh market is very simple. Because the textile industry in Bangladesh ranks second in the world, the traditional manual machines are undergoing urgent upgrading. Our computerized flat knitting machines have huge market demand in Bangladesh.


To summarize the advantages of Shuang Ma:

1, High-tech,our integrated chip electronic control motherboard technology is the most advanced, it can produce very complex models.

2, No need AC, help Bangladesh enterprises to save costs.

3, Low power consumption, power consumption lower than other brands of machines at least 30%.

4, The best after-sales service, our company in Bangladesh after-sales team and parts warehouse, can guarantee 24 hours to solve all after-sale problems.

With its huge product advantages, Shuangma Machinery has exported more than 2,800 computerized flat knitting machines to Bangladesh since entered Bengal in 2014, helping many enterprises in Bangladesh to achieve the upgrade of the machines.

After the interview, the reporter found that the success of Shuangma Machinery (Bangladesh) Ltd. was not accidental. Chairman Lin Zhichao promised to provide the best quality machines and the most reliable after-sales service to Bangladesh  enterprises and make due contributions to the friendship between China and Bangladesh.


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