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Exhibitor's Press Release


About M.B Trade Corporation


Release Date: December 4, 2017 by M.B. TRADE CORPORATION




M.B Trade Corporation, the company founded in the year  “2002”,  under the leadership of a young professional  , who came to Industry having rich  practical experience of sales & after sales services  of  Textile Machinery & Testing Equipment .

Over the years the experiences attracts galaxy of companies around the world, energetic team     of young professional and becomes a strong profile of leading sales and marketing company of capital product.

The company & its team guided by experience leadership and keeps Engage in Promotion of its range of product, to each sector of Textile Industry and the journey really applicable to its Growth.  


To make listed the company "most valuable" in this trade.


   Let the world join in our journey of growth .

 Product Range….


v  ODESI- Automatic Dispensing System

v  CEDIT – Yarn Dyeing Machinery


v  MAG Solvics Pvt. Ltd- Fiber & Yarn Testing Instruments 

v  Premier Colorscan Instruments Pvt Ltd. Spectrophotometer

v  Vetri Engineers-Original Replacement Spinning Spares

v  MRS Bearings- All type of Industrial Bearing   




v  Wuxi Weifeng Dyeing & Finishing Machinery – Yarn Dyeing Machinery 

v  Jiangyin Xinjie Textile Machinery Co., Ltd– Hard Cone , Soft Cone winder & Twisting Frame

v  Refondtex Instruments Pvt. Ltd – Textile Testing Instruments  

v  Honjjing/ Dycon – Lab Dyeing & Finishing  Machinery

v  Dongjie Textile Special Parts Co., Ltd- Spinning Ring Cup, Roller and other Parts


v  SellQiock Europe – Textile Testing instruments

v   SDC Enterprise – Testing Consumable Item

v  Testometric –Material Testing Instruments

v  GEA-Denco –Precision Lab Conditioning System

v  VeriVide –Color Matching cabinet & Lamp



v  Hans Schmidt & Co GmbH – Controls Instruments

v  Just Normlicht GmbH – Color Matching cabinet and Lamp

v  Datapaq - Fluke Process Instruments- Curing Oven & Stanter Machine Temperature Profile System

v  KPM Aquaboy – Moisture Meter

v  OMNI LAB- Analytical Lab Instruments




    vElectrolux Professional- Washer FOB71CLS, W555H, Dryer T5130 and Spares Parts 


v  CO.FO.ME.GRA SRL – Light Fastness Tester



v  API  SRL – Advanced Pneumatic 

  1. vETV SRL - Humidity & temperature monitoring


       vTestfabric Inc- Textile Consume Item

v  Whirlpool – Washer & Dryer

v  X-Rite – Leader in Color Management Systems


etc ……



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