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Website: http://www.kinwah-group.com


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KINWAH Group company with subsidiary of KINWAH dyeing company and DOPSING SCREEN PRINTING MACHINE Company for manufacture all kinds of narrow fabric continuous dyeing machines and automatic screen printing machines. We are the biggest manufacturer(in China) for elastic tapes, satin ribbons, label ribbons and other narrow fabric continuous dyeing machines and roll to roll label ribbons (narrow fabric) automatic screen printing machines.Our machines are widely used by world biggest customers such as STRETCHLINE, SHORE TO SHORE,AVERY DENISSION/PAXA,SML, ITL, Yakohama,and Bangaladesh SHORE TO SHORE,APEX, KNITTING CONCERN,EYPPILLION GROUP,MONTRIM, CHAITY GROUP,RFL GROUP,N.R GROUP, NEXT ACCESSORIES, MAHEEN LABELS, DEKKO etc


Main Products


label ribbon screen printing machine
elastic tapes/satin ribbons/label ribbons continuous dyeing machines, starching and finishing machines,silicone coating machines, pre-shinking machines, packaging machines, roll to roll Label ribbons automatic screen printing machines,ultrasonic label cutting machines,ultrasonic label slitting machines and so on.