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JIUN YUH INDUSTRIALCO., LTD. are established in 1994, Nov. Tainan city Taiwan.
We have over 30 years of experiences in all kinds of laces.
Our elegant quality are famous at home and overseas.
We have factories in Taiwan and China and our competitive prices and quick lead time let our customers all satisfied.

Our company is specialized to make laces factories and our management team from the establishment to now and do our best to give best service to customers.
Provide customers product satisfaction guarantee, Uphold "unity and cooperation , sincere attitude, perfect service and product innovation" business philosophy steady growth.

Company management team attention and filter out the excellent staff training, sales support service personnel and reserve management, providing customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of services innovation and product development , the establishment of an efficient management team, providing product information management service , quality control processes and customers service to quickly respond to the best purchasing experience.

Company management team trying to get customers generally recognized contribution to providing high-quality service and reasonable prices, able to meet our customers' needs.

Our main products are including Embroidery, Raschel lace, Torchon lace and Trimming lace.


Main Products


Embroidery, Raschel lace, Torchon lace and Trimming lace.
The material are including nylon, polyester, cotton, rayon,wool, metallic yarn....and so on.


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