15-18 FEB, 2017

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Calcined China Clay


Exhibitor: 20 MICRONS LTD.

Category: Raw Materials

Booth No.: 916


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It enhances mechanical strength and improves impact and flexural strengths. It also improves electrical insulative properties. Calcined China Clay reduces the cost in a wide range of products. For growing wire and cable industries the indigenous Calcined China Clay is a very important product.
In cables, rubber and plastic, kaolin adds strength and durability to the final product while improving its looks . China Clay has many uses as a filler in plastics: Speciality films: PE master batch; PE cables; PE film; pPVC cables; pPVC extrusions; PVC plastisols; PP mouldings; polyamide mouldings; PBT/PET mouldings; unsaturated polyester;


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