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Fabric Dyeing Machine from Asia Kingdom, Taiwan


Model: AK- SP, AK – MSL, AK-DSL



Category: Textile Machinery

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AK-SL Dual Flow Dyeing Machine
Feature :
Patent design very suitable for normal knitting and spandex fabrics, for example cotton + lycra,rayon + lycra, polyester
+ lycra, nylon
‧Overflow and jetflow system for selection. Suitable for knitting fabric from 50~600g/m2
‧Complex delivery tube : decrease fabric tension and avoid crease mark.
‧Short chamber, short fabric length, low liquor ratio and easy operation.
‧Low height, low tension, low shrinkage , easy to achieve required final fabric weight.
‧Tank body manufacture by A-class, highly resistant to corrosion stainless steel (316/316||) from Europe (AZ40-316L)
and (SUS316 ) Japan.
‧Kier & heatexchanger manufacture according to highest industrial standard (U.S.A & Japan). High strength and highly
resistant to pressure.
‧Machine body fully sand blasted.


Jet Dyeing Machine
More Feature:‧liquor ratio 1:4-8
‧Machine can operate smoothly even when nozzle pressure is under 0.5~1kg/cm2. Very suitable for spande


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